South Africa’s leading positive news platform

Beautiful News is a global editorial format that positions Mercedes-Benz as the brand that understands the true potential and success of the region it is operating in. Piloted in South Africa, the simple rationale is that within the plethora of the negative, there is always positive.

Beautiful News is 365 days of content a year. An unprecedented platform that leverages editorial content to grow brand love and drive sales leads by releasing one short film every day. Each film celebrates the spirit, integrity and passion of a nation.

Curated content with remarkable reach

Daily content is distributed on social media, reaching a broad audience. Brand opportunity lies in the targeting of relevant segments within that audience. The application of considered marketing, activations and data tools ensures refined targeting, better understanding of consumer behaviour and a solid measure of return on marketing.

This targeted distribution strategy has reached a broad spectrum of South Africans by telling stories that inspire, celebrate and surprise the nation with the integrity and tenacity of its people. In just over two years, Beautiful News has shared over 1 000 stories, achieved 248 million views, and created more than 2.2 billion opportunities to be seen.