Moments of Joy

In the film When I Die: Lessons from the Death Zone, Lord Philip Gould shares his thoughts and insights as he confronts his impending death from oesophageal cancer. Philip believed that for the terminally ill and those close to them, there can be moments of joy, resolution and inspiration just as intense as those of fear, discomfort and sadness.

Directed by photographer and filmmaker Adrian Steirn, the film documents his two-week conversation with Gould shortly before the British New Labour architect passed away in November 2011, aged 61.

A Portrait of Life

Gould decided on a portrait to be photographed by Adrian Steirn. An image of Gould standing upon his gravesite. The portrait sends an impassioned message that reframes the perspective of life in the face of terminal illness.

Steirn’s portrait of Gould is on permanent exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery, London, and the film, When I Die: Lessons from the Death Zone, accompanies Gould’s book of the same title.

The short film was shortlisted for the Grierson Awards in 2012, in the Best Newcomer Documentary category.