Re-framing the world

Cape Town on Fire

March 01, 2015 – brutal fires flared up and raged across the Cape Peninsula for over seven days, leaving a wake of destruction. But the blaze also raised the power of human endeavour. Amid the devastation fire fighters and the communities that supported them found courage, resilience and determination.

News crews covered the damage caused by the fire and social media responded to the plight of the fire services and the bravery of the men and women on the ground. Instead of contributing to another disaster news story, Ginkgo Agency found a compelling angle – a beautiful news story about communities coming together in a time of crisis and the spirit of a nation.

Filmed and edited inside of 24 hours, agency released a film direct to social media platforms. It documented a fire, but shared the story of the people who surrounded it. The carefully timed release met an emotional and engaged audience. The piece went viral, reaching in excess of four million people.

Behind the Scenes

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