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We are a content strategy agency driven to create communication solutions for those who require a compelling voice within the global landscape.

Our company is built on a sense of purpose. We place message distribution and structured format at the source of the ideas, emotions and experiences we aim to instil.

Ginkgo Agency's point of difference is the full-service offering of strategy, concept, production and activation of the highest quality brand narrative content.

The intention to inspire generations and contribute to a sense of global community lies at the heart of this agency. And our measure of success reflects in the impact and reach of the content that we have created.

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Our filmmakers abide by the importance of craft, unique access to their subjects and locations, contemporary audience relationships and the nature of varied distribution channels in creating enduring, engaging cinematic narratives.


Our photographers are instinctive, adaptable talents who are highly experienced in diverse genres ranging from commercial work to portraiture and reportage.


Our writers touch on every stage of the creative process. From treatments and scripts necessary for filmmaking to the essays, commentary and captions that complement reportage photography.


Our front-of-camera talent anchors the thread of narrative through articulate, candid and engaging presentations, descriptions and interviews.


Our editors create story. Visual material, voice, sound, music and graphic treatments are cut and moulded to create enduring stories that speak to the overarching concept and brief.


Every detail of the project is managed. From scoping to budgeting, planning, execution and reconciliation this crucial service is undertaken with utmost professionalism and attention to detail.

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